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Chris Neptun Interview

A few days ago, I had met up with Chris Neptun whom I have known since my high school days as plain old Chris. I haven't seen him in a few many years, and it was great to catch up over dinner and hot chocolate. I got to get in a short interview as he's made a name for himself as a musician. Perfect starting point for my new Yes Man/music project! 

Some background on him, taken from his ReverbNation page:

"Chris Nĕptūn is one of New Jersey's edgiest alternative artists on the rise. Before his debut as a solo artist, Nĕptūn was the front man of the ska band Exit 145, that he helped to form with his close friends in high school, as well as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist of the band Epic City, that he joined during his college years. He contributed catchy originals to both bands during his membership. In addition to writing pop and rock songs since he was in junior high, Nĕptūn composed and donated classical and jazz music to schools and communities for their instrumental and vocal ensembles to perform. He has a passion for vibrant, sophisticated music with lyrics that stimulate the mind and a variety of sounds that stimulate the ears. Nĕptūn proudly records a variety of instruments and vocals on his own, in addition to engineering, mixing, and mastering all recordings himself. He has been persistently treading on various career paths, searching for as many opportunities as possible to inspire others."

Image via ReverbNation/chrisneptunemusic

Basically, a musically well rounded, talented dude who's looking out for the good of the world. Check out the interview below:

Chris Nĕptūn

Tell me about your music:
"I would say my music in terms of genre comes closest to alternative rock, alternative pop with a blend of progressive rock fusion in there as well".

Are you a band or solo act?
"I get that a lot. I am a solo act but I play with a backing band. My music usually calls for that type of instrumentation and rather than go on stage with a boom box or laptop and strum along, I like to give my listeners the full 5-6 piece band experience on stage".

How did you decide on your genre of alternative, rather than mainstream? 
"I pretty much perform and write songs based on however I am feeling at the moment. A lot of the time the style will go along with the feeling I am trying to evoke, so that's why I feel like a lot of my music is eclectic. I don't try to stay within the bounds of one specific style, I just see where the music takes me and I let it take me there".

Tell me about the inspiration behind your latest EP, Shūt 4 the Mūn.
"I can tell you that my inspiration for the song 'Shūt 4 the Mūn' was based on a childhood friend of mine named Joey. We used to be best friends children and when I would hang out as his house, we would play Star Fox on the N64. We would always pretend we were part of the game's space journey and so part of the song is inspired by that nostalgia of wanting to revisit that part of my life. The overall concept of the EP is the idea of taking a journey, whereas my first EP [Chance for a New Beginning] was about developing the courage to embark on a journey, 'Shūt 4 the Mūn' is about going on that journey".

'Shūt 4 the Mūn' was released in 2013. What are your plans for future releases?
Shūt 4 the Mūn was released in August 2013, but I have released a remastered version of it and it's available on iTunes as of the beginning of November. It contains a bonus track, "Straight to the End" which is track 3, but the rest of the tracks are still there in remastered form. As far as the new EP is concerned, "Scope" is the name of the new EP and it's due to come out by beginning of December on iTunes and Spotify. As a side note, at the end of this year, I am also planning on re-releasing a remastered version of my first EP, "Chance for a New Beginning" to bring in the New Year. 

You seem to have a serious passion for music. You took band class in high school, as well as did marching band, musical theater, etc. Where did your passion for music come from? 
I come from a very musical family and I have a theory that perhaps being surrounded by music my whole life made a difference and influenced my passion, specifically when it comes to pop music. When my older sister was a teenager, she would be up in our attic in my mom's house, she would be recording her own pop music. I would go up there as a little boy and would be so taken away and amazed by what she was doing, listening to the amazing sounds I was hearing and watching her record and produce her own music. I remember I would just lie on the floor and listen and soak in everything. I used to be so amazed by that and at one point I realized, "that's what I want to do when I get older", so I was very hungry to learn the tricks of the trade and my sister and father both helped me with that. A lot of what I write today is still deeply influenced by what my sister first introduced to me way back when I was a kid. 

Where we can find your music?
You can stream my music for free. If you click on my discography there's a "buy" link which will direct you to the iTunes store. You can also type in "Chris Neptune Music" in the search engine of the iTunes store and find it for $4.95 for the whole EP and $0.99 for each track. 

Do you have any upcoming show dates?
As of right now I have no specific upcoming show dates but I have what I called the "Series One Show" which will occur in late December/January. It's called the "Series One Show" because I consider my first 3 EPs to go hand in hand as one series: Chance for a New Beginning, Shūt 4 the Mūn, and Scope. After the series is complete and after I do my show, I'm considering taking a slightly more experimental direction with my music. 

Silly question time: What are your thoughts on Daylight Savings?
Well.. I don't really think it matters that much. *laughs* I'm not gonna lie, when the Fall comes, I love getting the extra hour but I end up losing it again in the spring. It used to be a practical thing when the farming industry was more prominent but I feel bad that nowadays farmers are not as appreciated as they used to be. For their sake I think I would like to keep Daylight Savings time but personally if it were up to me, I'd say we don't really need it. *laughs* 

If younger kids were to look up to you and want to make music, do you have any sort of advice for them? 
Yes, my advice is to completely be yourself. There will be times when you might be provoked or persuaded to try to assimilate to some sort of trend or style that already exists simply because other people like it or because they feel that if you are too unique you might get overshadowed and people might not like your music. The truth is, most people enjoy listening to music that is genuine. When they go to see a show, they want not only to hear it, but to experience it as well. They want to get an insight to who you are, behind the scenes. If you try to be someone who you are not, you are basically lying to your audience. So be true to yourself at all times. It might take a while for people to warm up to you, but eventually they will as long as you stay true to yourself and work on improving all the time. 

That's all I have for today! 
Can't wait to see him perform live soon, and do a second interview!

More info on my Music project HERE

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